Postpartum after birth at any gestational age (which includes abortion, miscarriage & stillbirth) requires that we close our physical bodies back up, that we re-define our personal boundaries, and that we reconnect with ourselves as newly born mothers.

This ritual is designed to help return a mother to her centre. It provides a space to simply rest, be and be held, as well as emotions to be honoured, witnessed and released. It provides closure, a space to bring things to a close and move on.

This 3h-ceremony includes:

  • Storytelling

  • Breathwork/bodywork

  • Rebozo massage

  • Closing the Bones ceremony

  • Recommended practices

  • A supply of medicinal plants for after the ceremony

Birthing and postpartum traditions from around the world are virtually the same, because they are rooted in our physiologic and psychologic NEEDS as postpartum women. These needs are the same - no matter to which lineage we belong to. And the differences of the respective practices, reflect the differences in our land-based environments.

It is done in the location of your choice.

(Please note: if your chosen location is beyond my area of work, please get in touch before booking).

You can book your ceremony using the link below.

"The ceremony was truly magic and I will always remember it."

"Clem took the time to ask me my story, allowing me to tell what I'd been through and shared a little of hers. I think it is so important to connect in this way before getting into the bodywork and ceremony."

"I felt the most relaxed I had felt in my body in a long time and also felt great release and joy. The rebozo bodywork is so gentle yet so effective in releasing the fascia and relaxing the body and the drumming encouraged me to float above my body as in meditation and have illuminating yet familiar visions."

"The ceremony was set out perfectly.

with the tea and breathing exercise beforehand to start and the alter we made. The words we choose for the ceremony were so special and chosen with such care. "