Birth support

"A woman birthing physiologically requires no instructions or techniques; all she requires is for those around her to not distract her and disrupt her instincts with their need to do."

- Dr Rachel Reed

The birth support I offer is rooted in sovereignty - that is rooted in the belief that the woman intuitively knows what's best for her throughout pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. I believe that asserting our sovereignty over our body and our birthing experience is the key to improve both birth outcomes and long-term health. With this in mind, I use herbal medicine to deal with a range of issues associated with pregnancy, delivery and postpartum to promote strength, resilience and connection.

A doula provides continuous physical, emotional, and advocacy support during labour and birth, but does not provide mainstream medical, midwifery and nursing care.

Doulas are not a new caregiving role. In the past, this role was provided by family members or a local woman who was experienced. The more formalised doula role as we know it today is the result of women living away or disconnected from their families or being convinced to birth away from their home away from family members.