Vaginal steaming for Labour Preparation

Vaginal Steaming for Labour Preparation is a great way to gently but effectively prepare your body for birth by focusing on enhancing lubrication, circulation and relaxation with a blend of medicinal plants infused to release steam directly to your pelvic area.


Lubrication: for general wellness and stamina during labour.

Circulation: for effective contractions in the lead up and during labour.

Relaxation: for effective dilation.


Helps sleep, pains & aches, breast soreness and mind fog.

The Vaginal Steaming for Labour Preparation package includes:

  • 1h-consultation at 37 weeks

  • custom steam protocol

  • weekly supply of herbs for steaming from 38 weeks to 42 weeks

  • preparation of your first session

  • instructions for how to do the setup on your own

  • weekly 15min-consultation from 38 weeks to 42 weeks