Postpartum support

The postpartum support I provide is mother-centred.

As a doula I support women, I protect the motherbaby unit and I honour the mother's story and transformation.

Here is an overview of the services I provide for in-home Postpartum Support:

  • Light housework (making beds, dishes, laundry, groceries, gardening etc.)

  • Mother & baby herbal medicine support

  • Postnatal Bodywork for recovery and relaxation

  • Birth storytelling

  • Baby wearing support

  • Cloth nappy support

  • Home organising

  • Creating rhythm, routines and rituals around baby

  • Looking after siblings

  • Looking after pets

  • Postnatal Pilates (from 6 weeks after birth)

£30/hour (minimum 2h booking)

Support bundles available


Placenta tincture - £75 for 200ml - 5 year shelf life.

Nourishing family meals & snacks - from £65

Closing the Bones ceremony - 3 hours - £100


Do you live out-with my area of work but want to work together? This is for you.

This online postpartum support session provides emotional & practical support after birth at distance.

Please note: The herbal remedies are included in the price of the consultation.

Here is some of what to expect from this session :

  • Bodywork you can do. on your own

  • Herbal support

  • Breathwork and relaxation

  • Turning routines into rituals

We start the session by assessing areas of friction in your current life/situation where you’d like to see change.

We drop into the body to figure ways to address areas of friction from a physical perspective (movement and breath).

We look at potential herbal support for you (and baby is required).

We look at routines/rituals to support the change you’d like to see (this could be meal planning, babywearing, day planning etc…).

Any herbal support is dispatched the next day along with notes of our session and recommendations.

This is a framework with lots of flexibility within. What matters the most is that you get the support you need and to be realistic about what can be achieved in one session.